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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy describes what personal data we collect and what we do with that personal data. Personal data is information that can be used to identify you or your child or tell someone something about you or your child.

The information which we collect may include your/ your child’s name, contact details (and date of birth). We are also required to collect and process information relating to any medical conditions which your child has for health and safety reasons.

What personal data do we collect?

Young Centre Stagers collects details from the parent/carer regarding the student at time of registration including:

• Child’s name, date of birth, home address

• Name, home/email address and contact

number of parent/carer

• Any relevant medical conditions of child

(ie. asthma, allergies, etc)

Why do we collect this information and how is it used?

• Child’s name and date of birth - we collect this information to identify the correct class for the student.

• Home address, email address and phone number(s) of Child/Parent/Carer - we collect this information to distribute any necessary correspondence, invoices and other communications relating to Young Centre Stagers and your child, or to contact you in the case of emergency.

• ·Details of medical conditions - we collect this information to ensure that we are aware of anything that might put your child at risk and the attention that may be required.

Subject to your consent, we may send you information about Young Centre Stagers events, workshops and summer schools and/or third-party events, workshops and summer schools. You may withdraw your consent to your personal data being used for this purpose at any time by contacting us at;

Which third parties do we share this information with?

• If your child is participating in a Young Centre Stagers performance or show, the above information will be sent to the relevant Local Authorities/Organisers. This is a requirement of the relevant Local Authorities/Organisers so that they can confirm we are following the correct procedures regarding the children’s performance activities and, where necessary, to issue the necessary licences.

Who can access this Data?

• The data we collect is stored securely at Young Centre Stager’s office and is accessible only by the Principal and the Admin Staff.

• Telephone numbers and email addresses of students/parents/guardians are also kept by the Principal and Assistant to Principal in case of emergency.

If my child leaves the school what happens to my / my child’s personal data?

When a student leaves Young Centre Stagers, personal data relating to that pupil will be deleted from the database.

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